Specialised in innovative and commercially viable tidal energy systems, we aim to expand our impact to the wider marine energy market by leveraging our tidal journey and offering affordable renewable energy now and for the future.

We are more than just a tidal energy company – delivering a complete end-to-end solution - from consultancy and design to testing, production, installation, operations and maintenance, we seamlessly integrate every aspect of the delivery cycle. Proteus Marine Renewables is a privately held company with offices in the UK, Europe and Japan.

Born from 20 years’ of experience

Born from over two decades of dedication and pioneering spirit, our journey has been marked by continuous innovation, technological evolution, and a relentless pursuit of quality excellence to achieve a commercially viable output. Throughout these years, we've undergone business transformations, refined our technologies, and grown our services expertise to ensure the utmost efficiency and reliability of our tidal energy systems.

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Our Team

At the heart of our success is a team of world-class tidal pioneers, whose expertise and commitment have propelled us to the forefront of the industry. Our extensive experience is not just a testament to our longevity, but to our ability to adapt, innovate, and lead the charge in sustainable energy solutions.

Executive Management Group

Senior Management

On a mission together



Affordable renewable energy now and for the future.



To be the leading provider of marine renewables products and services globally, first delivering on our objective to commercialize tidal energy.



Enable our clients to achieve marine renewable project viability and funding

Interested in joining the Exciting Renewable Energy Journey?

We always look for talented individuals who share our passion for pioneering sustainable solutions. While there might not be specific job openings now, we believe in the power of talent, innovation, and collaboration. So connect with us by submitting your CV and covering letter and send it to applications@proteusmr.com