Born from over two decades of dedication and expertise, Proteus is now spearheading the commercialisation of marine renewable energy with its proven products and services.

MeyGen - Scotland

Scotland seasalt

Situated in Scotland's Pentland Firth, MeyGen stands as one of the world’s largest tidal energy projects. With its world-first 6MW array operation from 2018, it has accumulated vast operational data and knowledge. It is now poised to move forward with Phase-2, with at least 50MW of deployment by 2028. Proteus already has a long-term offshore services agreement for the 6MW array.

Raz Blanchard - France

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Normandie Hydroliennes (NH) is developing its first tidal array in the Raz Blanchard tidal race in France. As part of the European strategy to accelerate “decarbonisation”, this NH1 project will announce the arrival of a commercially viable marine renewable energy sector in France, paving the way for the target 1GW of marine energy construction this decade, delivering significant local economic, environmental and social benefits. Our system to be deployed there in 2026/7 will export 12MW of tidal generation in a single export cable, a world first.

Goto - Japan


Following the successful installation and operation of an off-grid AR500 demonstrator system in the Naru straits of the Goto Islands in Japan (2021), Proteus' client, Kyuden Mirai Energy (KME), was awarded (2022) a contract by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) to upgrade the turbine to MW-class capability, which will be grid connected. This AR1100 system will be installed and commissioned in late 2024, marking a significant milestone in Japan’s renewable energy landscape. The pilot project not only demonstrates our commitment to sustainable energy solutions but also establishes a vital precedent for future tidal energy initiatives in Japan, aligning with the nation's environmental goals and aspirations.