Pioneers in Tidal Offshore Services, providing complete interconnected solutions in marine renewable energy

Since 2007, we've empowered our team to master the offshore environment, leading to the creation of our own offshore services team. With a proven track record spanning five countries, we offer end-to-end solutions, from consultancy and design to testing, production, installation, operations and maintenance. We seamlessly integrate every aspect of the delivery cycle.

Turbine Recovery and Servicing

Leading offshore missions since 2018 at MeyGen tidal array. Overcoming challenges, we ensure reliable turbine operation, achieving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Case study

Since 2018, Proteus have led all offshore missions for turbine recovery and deployment at the MeyGen tidal array in the Pentland Firth, Scotland. This 6MW commercial pilot array (MG1) features two turbine designs, one of those being a very different beast, from an offshore handling perspective, supplied to MeyGen by one of our competitors. Despite its suboptimal design for offshore handling, we have collaborated with the client to developed procedures endorsed by marine warranty approval processes and safety record matching that of the AR1500. This ensures reliable and efficient intervention, minimizing costs.

Our team achieved a significant milestone by leading the recovery of two such turbines to the vessel deck in a single day. One of these turbines was serviced on deck and returned to operation within 36 hours, all while other subsea work continued concurrently. In 2022, Proteus secured a long-term offshore services contract for all existing turbines at the MG1 array. Aligned with our company vision of affordable, renewable, marine energy now and for the future, we remain dedicated to assisting all marine technologies in optimising their interface with the offshore environment

Wet-Mates and Cable Micro-Handling

Innovative wet-mate upgrades optimising subsea asset handling. Our recent project at MeyGen 1 exemplifies efficiency, halving recovery time and showcasing our expertise

Case study

Proteus executed a comprehensive conversion of a turbine to wet-mate, involving subsea foundation modifications, specialised tooling, and systems integration. This transformation not only halved future recovery time, but also showcased our efficiency in recovery and deployment missions, completing a single operation in as little as six days.

Lifecycle and Component Testing

Rigorous testing ensures reliability. Using certified onshore facilities, we gather invaluable data for optimal performance and durability.