Preserving Our Oceans for Generations to Come

At PMR we are committed to harnessing the power of nature while safeguarding our environment. Our innovative turbines take advantage of the ocean’s current, offering a sustainable energy solution that leaves no visible pollution.

No visual pollution

Our turbines operate deep underwater, unlike other forms of renewable energy, with no visual intrusion on the marine landscape.

Zero impact on Marine Life

We prioritize the protection of marine ecosystems and understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balance of our oceans. Extensive research has been conducted, consistently demonstrating that our turbines have no negative impact on marine life.

Environmental Responsibility

By placing our turbines deep underwater, there is no interference with surface-cruising fauna. We have worked closely with experts and researchers to ensure that our turbines are designed with minimal impact on the marine ecosystem.

Sustainability Goals

Our mission aligns with the United Nations Sustainability Goals. By utilizing our tidal renewable energy solutions, we are contributing to 7 of the sustainability goals including Goal 7: affordable and clean energy, and Goal 14: life below water.