Proteus Marine Renewables; Unveiling our Story

Feb 2024 - Born from over two decades of dedication and expertise, Proteus is now spearheading the commercialisation of marine renewable energy with its proven products and services.

Our Story

Proteus Marine Resources was established in 2022, building on the foundations established by its predecessors Marine Current Turbines, and Atlantis. We hold the technical IP and key tidal turbine pioneers remain core to the business. Our technologies have generated 20GWh which amounts to approximately one quarter of UK/EU's total output to date. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility drives us to develop affordable renewable energy solutions that meet the world's growing energy needs while preserving the environment.

Why marine renewable energy?

The planet’s marine environment provides a colossal but mostly untapped source of renewable energy contained in tidal streams, ocean currents, waves, and ocean thermals. Tidal stream, with its mature energy conversion technologies, offers numerous advantages. Harnessing the world’s lunar cycle, tidal energy converts the ebb and flow of tides into a consistent, renewable source of electricity. Its predictability, guided by the known forces of the moon and sun, enables precise forecasting of tidal energy generation, capable of achieving an element of base-load supply with the addition of only a relatively small amount of storage. Moreover, tidal energy is environmentally responsible, with subsea generation units proven to be safe with no negative impact on marine flora and fauna. Our core tidal energy product, located quietly beneath the waves, has zero visual pollution and no navigation or surface impact risk.

Our Expertise

Since 2007 we have been mastering the offshore environment, leading to the creation of our own offshore services team. With a proven track record spanning five countries, we offer comprehensive services, seamlessly integrating every aspect of the delivery cycle. From consultancy and design to testing, production, installation, operations, and maintenance, our end-to-end solutions ensure reliability and excellence throughout the project lifecycle.

Our tidal technology

Central to our offerings are our AR-series subsea tidal turbine generation systems. These modular systems are designed for safe and efficient handling in challenging offshore environments, delivering high energy yields with minimal environmental impact. With options customizable up to 3MW output, our turbines are optimized to suit local conditions and client requirements. The AR3000 turbine offers several key advantages for harnessing tidal energy efficiently and sustainably.

  • With its 24-meter diameter rotor and 3MW power rating, it maximizes energy yield from high-flow sites in Europe and the UK.
  • Thanks to its proven and reliable connection systems, subsea installation takes just 20 minutes, ensuring swift and hassle-free deployment.
  • The turbine's advanced composite blades and pitch actuation system enable optimal strength, hydrodynamic performance, and protection against extreme weather conditions, ensuring long-term continuous operation and minimal downtime.
  • Its intelligent control system optimizes reliable power output by actively managing blade speeds and angles to adapt to constantly changing wave and turbulence patterns.
  • Designed for reliability, modularity, and redundancy, the AR3000 series ensures high performance and durability in challenging marine environments.
  • With the ability to connect multiple turbines at a subsea hub for streamlined power transmission, it represents a significant advancement in project cost reduction and environmental impact mitigation.

In addition to our standard AR-series subsea tidal turbine generation systems, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to meet unique client requirements. Whether it's utilizing existing fixed assets, integrating with other commodities like green hydrogen, or exploring options beyond our standard AR-series package, we're committed to finding innovative solutions.

Join Us

With ongoing projects in Japan, Scotland, and France, we are excited to expand our global impact and delivering sustainable energy solutions for generations to come.  Be a part of our journey towards a sustainable future. Whether you're a client, partner, or stakeholder, we welcome you to explore our services and products and join us in shaping the future of marine renewable energy. Affordable renewable energy now and for the future! Contact us now or visit our website for more information.