Committed to revolutionizing the marine energy landscape with our world-class product solutions.

The AR-series

Our flagship product, the AR-series subsea founded Tidal Turbine Generation System (TTGS), is a result of development dedication to design, testing, operational excellence and improvement since 2009. The AR-series system is;

  • a modular system, allowing broad flexibility in supply chain and assembly options
  • Out of sight, quietly doing its job
  • designed for safe handling in the challenging offshore environment, with an unrivalled installation or recovery speed within comfortable vessel limits
  • customisable up to 3MW output with large rotor diameters, optimised to suit local environmental conditions, or to specific customer requirements, such as our AR500 pilot system as Japan's first permitted TTGS, installed as a demonstration unit in January 2021.

Our commitment to these fundamentals and the drive for a lower cost of energy has led to the design of systems producing double the yield with increases in rotor swept area of 80%.

The AR3000

The AR3000

Bespoke Products

We also have flexible solutions for bespoke client requirements, such as utilising existing fixed assets or combining with other commodities such as green hydrogen. Our development experience with our lightweight SeaGen turbine provides options outside our standard AR-series package. Our specialist components such as the subsea hub have application in other renewables. Whatever the marine energy product requirement, we are keen to hear it!