Subsea tidal energy, inherently predictable! Environmentally responsible and zero visual pollution.

Believe it or not,

this patch of water

is generating up to

6MW of power

Comparable to onshore wind turbines in power generation, our groundbreaking underwater turbines deliver significant power output with numerous advantages:

No visual Pollution

All generation equipment is securely submerged to the seabed, with only a small onshore facility for power conversion and grid connection

Space Efficiency

Unlike floating or tethered devices, our turbines are fixed with a relatively small location footprint, optimising use in the marine environment

Safe Assurance

Zero risk of marine traffic hazards ensures a secure operating environment and lower insurance costs

Environmental Responsibility

With no threat to surface-cruising fauna, our technology operates seamlessly within the ecosystem

Continuous Operation

Our turbines operate tirelessly, 24/7, with only short breaks for the change in tide direction, providing a forecastable and dependable power supply