Continuing to Drive Sustainable Energy Solutions in Japan

March 12, 2024

Following the successes of the AR500 pilot tidal project in which a 500kW turbine was installed in Japanese waters in 2021 and operated with a turbine availability of 97%, Proteus signed an EPC contract with #KYUDEN MIRAI ENERGY in November 2022 to upgrade the turbine to an AR1100.   This project required Proteus to retrieve the AR500 and enhance its energy capture through augmentation with pitch and yaw systems as well as uprating to 1100KW, before reinstalling it back to its subsea foundation in the Naru Strait to power the local Goto Islands.

Recently, the #PROTEUS offshore team were back in the fast-flowing Naru Strait to oversee the safe retrieval of the AR500 turbine.  The operation was a resounding success with the turbine returned to Nagasaki to await its upgrade.

Highlights of the Offshore Op

  • Turbine retrieval works completed across a 14-hour period.
  • Turbine lifted to the deck during a single slack tide using a bespoke hydraulic lift tool.
  • First time a Tidal Turbine of this size has been retrieved by a Japanese DP vessel and crew.
  • Zero health and safety incidents.
  • No damage to existing infrastructure

Why was it such a success?

  • Proteus has unrivalled experience in performing complex offshore operations in the world’s most challenging Tidal Straits.
  • Meticulous planning by our offshore team and Toyo Construction (vessel owner).
  • Outstanding partnership between our team and our suppliers, contractors, and sponsors, including Kyuden Mirai Energy, Ministry of Environment, Toyo Construction, Goto Transportation, Shibuya Diving, and Proteus Operations Japan.

Looking ahead, our focus is now on upgrading the turbine to the AR1100 and planning for its installation and commissioning in late 2024.

This project marks a monumental step forward in Japan's renewable energy landscape, underscoring our commitment to pushing the boundaries of tidal energy technology and contributing to the nation's sustainable energy goals.